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I view all of the various facets of kayaking as mutually beneficial. My goal as a kayak athlete is to become as proficient as possible in as many disciplines of the sport as I can. As a kayaker, one can always find ways to improve, it is a constant, never ending learning curve. To excel at the sport requires a delicate balance of power, precision, speed, and finesse. The pursuit of that balance is what has captivated my attention as a kayaker for more than 20 years.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clif Bar and Keen

First, thanks to all of the sponsors that contribute to the success of USA Wildwater. We as team athletes truly appreciate having your support. I would like to pay special thanks to both KEEN and CLIF BAR. Having donated generously to the team this year, KEEN and CLIF BAR have definitely made life as a training kayak athlete a little easier.